Theda uses the discipline of management accounting to encourage sound strategic decision making. Her specialisms are within business strategy and understanding of financial performance.

She provides specialist skills focusing on the core strategic finance area specialising in key facets such as business value building, getting the most out of and understanding financial reports, growth planning, succession planning or exit planning, and understanding cash flow management. She also has strong relationships with funders.

Theda’s holistic diagnostic covers business and financial strategy, sales planning, reviewing processes and business efficiency, systems and software, financial and management control and softer facets around the structure of the team.

Having started off her career in the family business in South Africa, Theda has also worked for large multi-national businesses such as Cap Gemini plc and Mazda Motors UK and she thoroughly enjoys building close relationships with smaller business owners.

Theda’s qualifications include: Associate Chartered Management Accountant and Bachelor of Commerce (Business Administration and Marketing).