Evan Gnissios

Evan brings a diverse background of experience ranging from owning and operating an award-winning restaurant to being CEO, CFO and Chairing the Board of Directors of public and private corporations. Evan is an accomplished business mentor, delivering advisory and consulting services globally, and he has held a variety of Board roles including investor representative, non-executive director, and audit chair.

A cross-functional business professional, engaging with a diverse array of organizations including public companies, non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and SME’s covering multiple industries.

Evan is a Business Growth Advisor, engaging with clients in evaluating and advancing their corporate strategy and following through on delivering change management and digital transformation initiatives to establish tangible and intangible improvements. He is further established in crisis management, dealing with internal and external stakeholders, covering financial management, audit preparation, due diligence, corporate governance.

He has an Executive MBA from Warwick Business School (London) and an Associates Degree in Business from University of Phoenix. Over the last four plus years Evan has lived in Greece, Turkey, Vancouver, and Montreal before finally settling down in Oxford.

He co-developed a mentorship programme for start-ups whereby Executive MBA’s are paired with new ventures.

He sincerely enjoys discussing business strategies and entrepreneurship – whether he is providing methodologies or lateral thinking, or simply a fly on the wall learning new things.