Medical technology
Perspectum Diagnostics has developed Medical Imaging technologies to diagnose and measure the treatments of liver disease using Magnetic Resonance.

Addressing the challenge
Perspectum Diagnostics initially sought help with funding to assist the adoption of its product LiverMultiScan in the UK, US and across Europe. In addition, it was recognised that business support was needed to help the company expand and cope with growth.

Writing grant applications for Horizon 2020 funding.
Oxford Innovation assisted in writing grant applications for Horizon 2020 funding. Perspectum Diagnostics was successful in winning €3.4million of funding through the SME Instrument to help with the EU adoption of the LiverMultiScan.
In addition, Perspectum Diganostics was awarded a further €1.1million of Eurostars funding to develop R&D centralised analysis and diagnostics for complex paediatric liver disease in collaboration with a Polish software company.

The University of Oxford spin-out has more than tripled its headcount in addition to opening two US offices in the last two years due to the success of the LiverMultiScan.

“Thanks to Oxford Innovation & EEN support, and their market knowledge covering Central and Eastern Europe, we were able to create winning applications under both of the SME Instrument phases and also Eurostars.

Rajarshi Banerjee, CEO & Founder”.

Winning €3.4 million grant funding application and tripled our headcount.

Client business: Perspectum Diagnostics

Coach: Jakub Rakoczy

Category: Grant funding application & overseas partnership