OceanMind is an ambitious non-profit organisation based in Oxfordshire that has built impressive satellite technology. Its artificial intelligence and satellite data enables tracking of ocean vessels to combat illegal fishing around the world.
A partnership with Microsoft has enabled OceanMind to move its analytics programs to the cloud. This has improved their technology by making information processing quicker and enabled real-time application of AI.

OceanMind received business coaching from our Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) advisers Craig Gordon and Linda Cheung; support with business strategy, culture, brand development and undertaking an Intellectual Property audit.

“One of the key benefits was that our EEN advisers encouraged us to take time out from day-to-day responsibilities to stand back and look at the business from the outside.” Inga Wise, Director of Business Operations.

The support has had a profound effect on the business. Since EEN began working with OceanMind in February 2019 annual turnover has risen by 64% to a projected £2.1 million for 2019/20. The organisation has also moved to larger business premises.

OceanMind has continued to grow in the fisheries market, including in Costa Rica and Vietnam, which has helped to boost workforce numbers from nine people to 22.

“The company has continued to refine its products, launching into new markets and countries and with new types of projects that can increase revenues. We have referred OceanMind to Innovate UK’s Scale-Up Programme while continuing to offer support from EEN.” Craig Gordon, Innovation Advisor.

Maximising outreach opportunities from commercial partnership

Client business: OceanMind

Adviser: Craig Gordon & Linda Cheung

Category: Strategy, Intellectual Property