Finden carries out specialist scientific work for the chemical industry. It has limited competitors and is considered expert in its field, but sought Oxford Innovation’s support in improving the way it showed the value of its work and retaining key employees. The management team, composed of academics, often found it hard to understand the long game in business. But because the service is so innovative and potentially valuable to clients, with proper support the company should be able to achieve high growth.

“We have had a mindset change through working with Oxford Innovation, and we’re very pleased with our newfound focus and confidence,” said Simon Jacques, Finden’s managing director. “We were able to give our employees more responsibility, helping them to stay motivated. We have also been able to review the type of work we want to do, gained a vision and, importantly, understood what our value proposition is.”

Business coaches Craig Gordon and Mireille Owen-Hughes worked with Finden’s managers to understand where they wanted to be, and the steps that they needed to undertake to get there. In particular, strategies to keep valued employees with the company – which had been a concern –developed from the coaching sessions. In addition, it was important for them to identify work to focus on, ensuring a smoother approach to business development.

Finden will further develop its online presence through understanding internet traffic, marketing and how to better attract prospective clients. It will continue working with Oxford Innovation in many areas, such as seeking European partners.

Developing an online presence.

Client business: Finden

Adviser: Craig Gordon and Mireille Owen-Hughes

Category: Strategy